Me, Memorize?


Jon Bloom recently spoke on memorizing Scripture. His ten reasons for doing so are worth reflection. Memorize Scripture: 1) Because you have a bad memory. It won’t get better without practice. 2) Because you need to feed your mind (Philippians 4:8). 3) Because the Bible becomes accessible. 4) Because you have the Internet. The Internet is teaching us how not to read. We need deep reflection in our lives. 6) Because you probably don’t know the Bible as well as you think you do. 7) Because it will help you see more of God’s glory. 8) Because doing it will fine-tune your ability to discern the enemy’s lies. 9) Because you are going to suffer. Suffering is always disorienting. Memorized Scripture gives you a well from which to draw. 10) Because your brothers and sisters are going suffer and be in need. There are a host of great reasons for me to memorize God’s Word. Will you join me?

Seeking strength and courage in the hearts of men, Jay


Check out this helpful book by Dr. Andrew Davis.

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