Beautiful Word


Some of you have aptly pointed out that I skipped number five in Mr. Bloom’s list of reasons for memorizing Scripture in the last Thoughts for Men. I offer my apologies. Here it is. 5) Because God’s Word will become more precious to you. Ponder that for a little while. How precious is God’s Word to me? Is it like honey? Do I long for it more than gold (Psalm 19:10)? It was so vital to Moses that he would proclaim it throughout the camp. David hid it in his heart. Jesus used it as a weapon to counter Satan’s attacks. Paul viewed it as the breath of God. John inexorably linked God’s Word with Jesus forever. What do I think? How does my life reflect my view of the Scriptures? I’m motivated anew to spend time meditating on the Word in such a way that it tucked into my being? Again, I invite you to join me.

Seeking strength and courage in the hearts of men,


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