May I indulge more on the theme of proclaiming? If Peter is correct that we were created to be people who “proclaim the excellencies” of God (I Peter 2:9), then paying attention to other places where the theme of proclamation is prominent could prove beneficial for us. For example, John is his first letter, a brief dispatch, mentions proclamation three times. In each instance, proclaim is associated with Jesus Christ. Is there any better focal point for the God’s excellence than Jesus? His life, death, resurrection, his inauguration of the Church, his Spirit manifest and at work in believers — are they not wondrous works worthy of amazement and awe? Oh, and our proclamation. Let’s be proclaimers of his excellence and supremacy. Shout it to the nations. Declare it to a neighbor. Announce it to your family. Make it known to a co-worker. Jesus is Lord of all. Quit blushing and start gushing. Our God is exceptional!

Seeking strength and courage in the hearts of men,


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