The other day, my wife said to me, “I wonder if I haven’t been very gospel-focused in my life?” It startled me. My wife is one of the most gospel-focused people that I know. Her question was stimulated by reading Paul’s letter to the Colossians. Have you read it lately? It’s a book rich in gospel focus. In it Paul reminds us so much about how the good news of Jesus Christ impacts us. Ponder these things. The gospel produces love in us. It gives us hope. It is the word of truth. It bears fruit. It increases understanding. The gospel gives wisdom. It pleases God. It strengthens us with His power. The gospel delivers us and transfers us. It provides forgiveness of our sin. It is clear and Christ-centered. The gospel reconciles us with God. It is life-giving. The gospel allows Christ to dwell in us. It is the hope of glory. Ah, what richness we have when we accept Christ’s gift of good news to us. Believe, gentlemen, believe!

Seeking strength and courage in the hearts of men,


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